What €1800 Can Do To Your Business - Direct Chito Speaks

What €1800 Can Do To Your Business -  Direct Chito Speaks

January 10, 2022 - Manila, Philippines – – The power of video to your business has welcomed a further cutting-edge tech that drives every business as proof of business existence. 

Today, to live and sustain the business is up to something this generation can offer. Many projects are without investors because they don’t demonstrate enhanced interactive viewing experiences that video can deliver. Using the video to broadcast your business is no longer reserved for entertainment,  said Chito Acot, CEO of Adproduction.ph.  It is mandatory if you want to be in the mainstream, he added. 

Everything is made up of digital catapult in the digital industry and the global standards of business presentations include visual and all Imaginary pictures to convey a message.  The video business card tops the list no matter how you look at things.  Businesses leverage on the power of visual storytelling, Direct Chito emphatically said.

Video is the best and the only maximized solution for marketing needs.  It communicates products in the marketplace right into the minds of the audience.  Video establishes trust … visuals mean trustworthiness.   The video is the scope of your business in 2-3 minute

 Video Business Card does better than any live presentation because it can be seen several times.  Rewinding to see again, or putting it in slow motion to see in detail is a luxury.  It is your product’s talking 24/7, at a speed no human can possibly do in real-time.

Noubikko , CEO of RPConnect, said If you are serious to compete in today’s market, your next phase is to have a video business card.  This is for instant presentation as it brings the uniqueness of yourself from across the marketing ecosystem, from presenting credentials to creating user experiences.  It is an anti-thesis  for any competitor.” "The bottom line is the presence of your video card if you were not there to present it. Having a video defines your business and multiplies your time and revenues.  It defines where you are in the business today".