Noubikko Signs Investment Pact with Philippine Director Chito for Corporate Videos

Noubikko Signs Investment Pact with Philippine Director Chito for Corporate Videos
Direct Chito explains to Noubikko and Executives from Korea Exim Bank

Noubikko, CEO of RPConnect diversifies the company's  investment portfolio which will include media advertisement.  He signed the agreement with  entrepreneur Direct Chito, short for Ramon Chito I. Acot, CEO of who is leading  Video Business Card producer in the Philippines.

The power of video to business has welcomed the cutting-edge tech that drives every business to show proof of existence.  Using the video to broadcast business is no longer reserved for entertainment,  said Chito Acot, CEO of  It's a mandatory action to be in the business mainstream, he added. It communicates business advocacy in the marketplace and the best way to connect to the customer. 

We’re really excited about the next generations of organizations that involve media marketing.  This trend brings unique and complementary skills across the whole ecosystem of advertising. They are no different from cyber technologies that were presented during the early millennium when internet integration from compelling user experiences enhanced live experiences, said Noubikko.

Rewinding what you have not seen or want to see again is just at your fingertip.  The convenience to see the presentation any time at your convenience is a luxury you cannot go without. The bottom line is   It can with your 24/7, and speed your sales process.

Among those best noticeable works of Direct Chito are the corporate training videos for Trend Visory Inc., Online Courses with  Stocks-Ed,  Al-Khor Townhomes,  Dream Bigger Ventures - Joint Venture, and Accelerator Program, AIA Philippines to improve the reality of many things, just a few among many..

The golden age of Video elegance has come and can be restyled in a bio diversified modern & charismatic way. No matter how you look at it, it is the “Ride of the Century”.  Direct Chito’s smooth presentation of video cards is ❤ in the 21st-century feel.

Now is the time to bring the buzz to the center and see how businesses work. Businesses should be presented in the new age.

"We are working hard to present and outstanding issues and create an attraction worthy of its worth. Direct Chito presentation looks fresh which comes with an amazing experience of your business the moment you switch on.